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Christian Sculptures
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Welcome to Neal Trautman,

Free Christian Sculptures

In 2011 a biopsy revealed I had mantel-cell, non-Hoskins lymphoma; an aggressive, incurable cancer. The prognosis from two oncologists was not more than a year to live. After 31 rounds of chemo I’m still alive and reside on the Gulf coast in MS with my wife Robin.

I’m convinced the Lord intervened and has allowed me to live so I may serve Him. This desire has prompted me to create this website to make and give away clay sculptures that honor God. The clay sculptures are hand-made, (not simply poured into a mold) glazed and kiln fired twice. They are crosses, wall hangings and desk pieces such as Moses on the mountain, Adam and Eve, Angels and Jesus. The desk pieces and wall hangings take 20-25 hours of work.

All sculptures are free and given away in the order they requests are received. Christian crosses are given to individuals, while desk pieces and wall hangings are for businesses and churches. Recipients must send me a self-addressed, sturdy cardboard box with sufficient postage attached. There is no other cost.

I hope the sculptures will encourage people to strive to live their lives like Jesus did.