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Welcome to Neal Trautman, Inc. is a website committed to providing resources which are effective for maintaining organizational integrity and preventing misconduct. It contains information on how law enforcement and corrections leaders can have state-of-the-art seminars presented to their employees. By clicking on seminars, you will see course summaries and learn how they are both effective and efficient. Each seminar can be customized to the specific needs of your agency, without an additional fee.

The two DVD programs listed on the home page are another way leaders can deliver quality ethics training. The "Corrupt Cop" DVD contains some of the most "moving" training footage you will ever see. It can only be viewed by law enforcement officers. Click on the sample of a segment from out Ethics and Leadership DVD.

Lastly, go into the "Useful Resources" section where you will find many leadership files, PowerPoint training sets, research reports and integrity-related articles.

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Further information on our seminars are listed under the website section titled, "Law Enforcement and Corrections. "Fees "per student" are: